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What type or types of grass do you need to make your lawn a long-lasting, beautiful feature of your home?

Grass Varieties

Grimes Grass offers eight different varieties of turf grass. Here are a few of them. Click more to see more turf grass and sod varieties.


Grimes EXP Bermuda

A semi dwarf warm season turf grass that has a deep green color with a fine textured leaf. A grass that has excellent drought tolerance and works very well in residential and commercial landscapes. Including golf courses, athletic fields, parks and recreational areas.

Floratam St. Augustine

A warm season turf grass with medium green color. Thrives in southern regions along coastal and tropical areas. Has shown resiliency during dry times and well suited for home lawn situations. Has also shown some resistance to certain chinch bugs and to Brown Patch.

Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Tips

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